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28 maggio 2019

Tuesday | 28th MAY | ILARKS Open Lecture Series


Tuesday | 28th MAY | ILARKS Open Lecture Series
9.00 -10.30 pm Kazuhiro ISHIYAMA | Kazuhiro ISHIYAMA Studio and Art Production | Yamagata, Japan  “AWAY FROM PAINTING” 
Incontro con Kazuhiro Ishiyama, pluripremiato artista giapponese che ha partecipato alla Biennale di Venezia 2016, all’interno del ciclo di conferenze ArnoLab019 organizzato da LW-Circus.
Verrà presentata la sua ultima opera pubblica esposta a Tokio “Away from Painting (Mountain of Stone)”, momento per dialogare sull’impatto delle opere d’arte sull’architettura urbana.

Kazuhiro Ishiyama 1981 born in Japan, Lives and works in Yamagata, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, (formerly, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music), where received M.F.A. of Inter Media Art course in 2008, Japan. In 2009 Joined Niigata Water and Land Art Festival 2009 Niigata, Japan, selected by Fram KITAGAWA. Also “No man’ s land” Ambassade de France au Japan, Tokyo, Japan in 2009-2010, directed by the Franch embassy. After Joined Tokyo Midtown Award 2010, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo, Japan in 2010, received a grant Shou Foundation (private) from Okayama Japan. With the grant traveled around Asia to study the source of own my culture, especially Animism, Shinto-ism and Buddhism for a year, 2013. Back to Japan and Founded a studio and an art production corporation, in Yamagata in 2014. Awards and Grants are Second place for Graduated Exhibition Tokyo University of the Arts 2008, Tokyo Midtown Award 2010, Shou foundation 2011, International Photography award 2012,PX3, etc. In 2016, joined ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE 2016 at Japanese Pavilion in Venice, Italy, cooperation with SHINGO MASUDA and OTUBO KATSUHISA.

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