In a big development project of the monumental complex of Le Murate, where we want to recover the historical and contemporary value, we organize guided tours, laboratories and meetings for families and schools devoted to the approach at the contemporary languages and workshop with artists, organized in collaboration with the most important institutions in Florence. For information and reservation: tel. 055 2768224 055 2768558, email Le Murate. Contemporary Arts Projects cares also about the update and the relationship between cultural mediator and contemporary operators. Previously it organized the project named “Between: Contemporary art between production and fruition” with the educational departments of: Castello di Rivoli, MAMBO, MaRT, MaXXI and Palazzo delle Esposizioni.



Il progetto Between, avviato a settembre 2013 e sviluppatosi durante lo scorso inverno,...

Voci del tempo

Nuclei (Vitali) è un progetto realizzato con il sostegno di Regione Toscana nell’ambito...