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5 February 2015

Kinkaleri in colaboration with Tempo Reale


Kinkaleri was given birth in 1995. The components agree with the intention of realizing specific projects, spurring the will to operate and to deal with actual ideas, and always in charge of all the aspects about the creations of their line. In its work, the company has always sought to privilege innovative practices, with the interaction between original languages through experimentation with different modes of expression. The works of Kinkaleri received hospitality from numerous programs in Italy and abroad. In 2002 the group is awarded the “LO STRANIERO – bets for the future” prize, the UBU prize for the performance as better dancetheater performance of the year. Since 2001 Kinkaleri is based in SpazioK, an industrial building part of the former Campolmi factory’s area in the historic centre of Prato. The group is currently formed by Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco.


Tempo Reale founded by Luciano Berio in Florence in 1987, it is now one of the main European reference points for research, production and educational activities in the field of new musical technologies and electronic music. Since its foundation the center has been committed to the production of Berio’s works, working on the most prestigious stages in the world. The development of quality and creativity criteria derived from these experiences reverberated itself in the work that is continuously carried on with other great composers and artists as well as young and emerging musicians. The main subjects of research reflect the polyhedral attitude of Tempo Reale towards music: the conception of great musical events, the study of real time sound processing and interaction between sound and space, the synergy between creativity, scientific competence, performative and educational rigour. Events, meetings and projects developed at a local level regularly come alongside the research activities in this areas. On such occasions the center cooperates with the main institutions of Tuscany, both in the field of music, theatre and dance, and in the promotion of a tight net of educational experiences.