8th september h 18.00
Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea


25 August 2015

TALKING WITH YOU 30 Italian female photographers’s stories



 30 Italian female  photographers’s stories This exhibition portrays thirty female photographers along with their stories.  For each, a previously un-released video interview lets the viewer look at the world not only through their lenses but also through their words and the stories of their lives. With no pretence of being a comprehensive map of Italian female photography and avoiding a pure biographical approach to the subject matter, Talking with You, stands mainly as a testimony to the different paths and sets of problems that are still present in contemporary photography. This approach upholds the value of photography related to every single life experience. At a deeper level, the interviews question different cultural and philosophical aspects regarding the question of gender and identity. The exhibition re-presents the previously published book with the same title, edited by Giovanna Chiti and Lucia Covi, promoted by AFIP (Association of Italian Professional Photographers) and CNA Professioni, in cooperation with  Metamorphosis Editrice. As curator of the exhibition and AFIP President, Giovanni Gastel writes: “thanks to a new perspective, the event aims to broaden knowledge of the Italian photography, both of the past and present.  Modern and informal, this new approach is free from the traditional criteria that characterise  exhibitions.  Its goal is to provide the viewer with a deeper emotional and visual experience.”