01 september - 31 december 2014
Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects


1 September 2014

OCTOPUS dance dance dance


OCTOPUS dance dance dance, an artistic residence which will take place at Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects in Florence, is the result of a collaboration between the cultural association CAB008 and the Attivisti della Danza Firenze.
Through the artistic sensibility of internationally established choreographers Marina Giovannini and Cristina Rizzo from CAB008 and the Attivisti della Danza Firenze- a collective of dance artists operating independently in the city of Florence- the goal is to establish, over the course of a 4 month period, a journey of intense research with an openness to all bodily practices and their imaginative potential within the specificity of contemporary dance.

This group effort will bring into evidence new works by Cristina Rizzo and Marina Giovannini; each respectively will have periods of residency and open rehearsals, conveying their creative process to the public.
These periods of work focused on choreographic development will be joined by a series of parallel activies that will be coordinated by the Attivisti, among these activities the following:
Sharing Training- a training program focused on the exchange of physical knowledge and resources between dance artists (yoga, ballet, floorwork, core strengthening, various philosophies, etc.) open to all working dancers living in Florence as well as those passing through the city.
Bulletin Board- an “infopoint” where information and materials of cultural/ artistic interest related to contemporary performance languages will be consolidated so as to provide a valuable spectrum of this aspect of Florentine cultural life for its inhabitants.
Blog - a site in which to collect and broadcast material produced during the residency (text, interviews, images, videos, poetry).

OCTOPUS dance dance dance therefore hopes to create artistic density in its temporary home, Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects, conceived as a place of coexistence where the didactic and experimental aspects of artmaking occur in an open dialogue among artists as well as between artists and their public.
These inventive resources, created by these artists as a result of prevailing conditions of current economic factors and viewed by the public and their peers in complete transparency, aim to amplify the dynamic and interdisciplinary communication of dance in convergence with the modern world.

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MARATONAOCTOPUS dance dance dance


19 dicembre

dalle 13 alle 16: HUDDLE (Centro storico di Firenze)

dalle 16 alle 20 MARATONAOCTOPUS (Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea)

 20 dicembre

dalle 14 alle 19 MARATONAOCTOPUS (Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea)

dalle 19 alle 20 HUDDLE (Centro storico di Firenze)

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