21 aprile ore 18.00
sala Ketty La Rocca


11 April 2016

There’s something boisterous in the universe. A dialogue between art, physics and astronomy.



A conversation that crosses different languages, with Giovanni Losurdo, Giacomo Raffaelli e Paolo Tozzi

  Starting from the recent discovery of the gravitational waves – phenomenon theorized by Einstein in 1916 and researched by scientists for almost a century – the meeting will give life to a conversation that intersects the languages of physics, astronomy and contemporary art. The artist Giacomo Raffaelli and the astrophysicist Paolo Tozzi will talk together with Giovanni Losurdo project leader of Advanced Virgo, the italian project that took part to the revolutionary research announced to the world the last 11 February. In the aftermath of a great discovery the question arises of his disclosure: how to bring the news back to the general public? How to bring back the dates and the revelations to a daily perspective? Can the art be a vehicle of translation and transmission? Moving from apparently very different perspectives, the guests will dialogue about a common scope of the survey: the translatability of the scientific and artistic research outside their specific scope of affilation. Starting from the collaboration of the three researchers, born during the installation Blind Injections of Giacomo Raffaelli about the relationship between the sound and the study of gravitational waves, the conversation will try to open a space of reflection on the definition of a common language in different disciplinary contexts. The meeting is organised by Le Murate. progetti Arte Contemporanea in collaboration with Sonic Somatic. Free entry, Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea opened from Tuesday to Saturday 2p.m.-8p.m. Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea Piazza delle Murate, Florence.Tel +39 0552476873 Mail: Giovanni Losurdo is the first researcher of INFN of Florence. He works on the research of the gravitational waves since his graduate thesis, achieved in Pisa in 1993. Phd in physics in the Normal School, he worked under the guide of Adalberto Giazotto on the development of the isolation system of the Virgo’s mirrors and, subsequently, in the team of “commissioning” that brought Virgo to reach the sensitivity of project. Since 2006 he has coordinated the activities to create Advanced Virgo and in 2009 he became its project leader. Giacomo Raffaelli is a visual artist and researcher. In his practice he uses videos, installations and performative lessons in order to investigate the most peripheral and anthropological aspects of the scientific research, through collaborations with international institutions like Fundamental Metrology in Copenhagen. Since 2013 he presented his works and performances in Italy and abroad among Mart – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, Viafarini DOCVA, South London Gallery (London, UK), Camberwell Space (London, UK), Hotel Pro Forma (Copenhagen, DK), “untitled”BCN (Barcellona, ESP), L.E.S. – Local Experimental Society, (Almaty, KZ) Paolo Tozzi is the First Researcher of the Astrophisics Monitoring Centre of Arcetri. He deals with extragalactic astrophisics and cosmology in a observational and theoretical point of view. In particular he studies clusters of galaxies through observation in radio broadband and X broadband. He worked at the Space Telescope Science Institute and at the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimora (USA), where he collaborated with the Nobel prize Riccardo Giacconi on the observation deeper than ever in the X broadband of the extragalactic sky.